Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Peter

I got an email today from my sister Kirstin. It instructed me to read a blog written by a longtime family friend Peter Christensen. I wasn't even aware that he read my blog so I was amazed that he had mentioned my effort (a lacking one) of entering the female dominated blog world. So per his request I am revamping my effort. So thanks Peter for re-inspiring me.

Things are pretty nuts right now. The house is still not really settled because of the remodel. Trish has done an awesome job so far but all my tools are still in the spare bedroom so everything that goes in there is in our room. It isn't pretty. Good news is we are so close to finishing the bathroom I can taste it. A couple more days and we'll be able to shower at our own house instead of the daily (for Trish) trip to the gym to shower. I promised Trish I would wrap it up this weekend so that will be one thing off the plate.

Added to that is the work that goes into starting my business. Logo's, accounts, license's, insurance, bids... it's a never ending list of things to do. I wish I could remember all those things they taught me in college. Mom don't be too disappointed, it's just been a while.

I actually have to go. So, like Peter, I'll continue this on my next blog. I have to go to the gym. To shower.


  1. adj- do you need help with a logo?

    glad you are back.

  2. Love it - glad to have inspired someone this week - don't feel like I've accomplished much else but at least I've been spinning my wheels good.

    Photos of your renovations could be good blog - know how those go. We are still working on the kitchen - start before last mothers day. Guess I should try and get that finished before next mothers day. Have some specifics to knock off before our Australia Day party this Saturday.

    Still got to finish the bathroom Adam and Kirstin did all the hard work on for us. But at least it is now functional - had a guest use it last week.

    You know how it is with the finish and final trim stuff...

  3. YAY!
    Love it that you're blogging. You make me laugh.
    Burke has been wanting to pray for you and Trish every night, so I've been praying for your remodeling. If you have other things to add to that list, let me know. The boy is relentless.
    Love you!