Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Peter

I got an email today from my sister Kirstin. It instructed me to read a blog written by a longtime family friend Peter Christensen. I wasn't even aware that he read my blog so I was amazed that he had mentioned my effort (a lacking one) of entering the female dominated blog world. So per his request I am revamping my effort. So thanks Peter for re-inspiring me.

Things are pretty nuts right now. The house is still not really settled because of the remodel. Trish has done an awesome job so far but all my tools are still in the spare bedroom so everything that goes in there is in our room. It isn't pretty. Good news is we are so close to finishing the bathroom I can taste it. A couple more days and we'll be able to shower at our own house instead of the daily (for Trish) trip to the gym to shower. I promised Trish I would wrap it up this weekend so that will be one thing off the plate.

Added to that is the work that goes into starting my business. Logo's, accounts, license's, insurance, bids... it's a never ending list of things to do. I wish I could remember all those things they taught me in college. Mom don't be too disappointed, it's just been a while.

I actually have to go. So, like Peter, I'll continue this on my next blog. I have to go to the gym. To shower.

Friday, July 10, 2009

blog #3

God is good. I say this because i've been a little stressed lately. kinda weird that my stress led me back to this conclusion, but it makes perfect sense.

I was thinking of all the things that I think are contributing to me being stressed. then I was thinking of all the solutions I needed to come up with to fix these said contributors. then I realized how many times I was thinking that I was going to fix them. it made me laugh a little. sometimes I get so worried about decisions; should we buy a house, should we trade in her car, do we have enough to do this or that. it's just easy to think i'm in control. i'm not saying that God is going to makes all those decisions, but I do need to trust Him more. we are so blessed in our lives and i think that He deserves a lot more credit then what I am giving Him right now. He is good.

anyways, life is moving quickly. here are some highlights since my last post;
- looking at buying a house.
- trish got a new job and her boss is awesome.
- got some new gear for the backpacking trip.
- caught the biggest bass i've ever caught ( 6lbs)
- i got contacts. (they're awesome, i can see again)

i'm going to try and be better about this blogging thing too. for real. no funny business.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Philly and

Trish told me she was bored with my blog. I promptly replied, "Boring people get bored." Well, I didn't actually say it, but I thought it. Shout out to mom.
We just got back from Philly and it was really a great trip. I love Trish's family. All in all I would venture to say it was one of my favorite trips to Philly. It was different this time. I don't mean this in a bad way, but I actually felt like part of the Palmer family this time. It's a good feeling. Apart from that, I purchased a new hat. Bang-a-rang.

other noteable highlights in my life
- Patrick caught 3 fish today. First 3 of the season. If you know me at all you know how excited this makes me.
- I joined a soccer league and a softball league. The jury is still out on how Trish feels about this.
- Trish is going to Florida in T minus 6 hours. Trish happy= Adam happy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i guess i'm coming to your party

so here's the deal... i've decided to blog. i don't know what it entails but i have thoughts too. so here's 10 (or 9) reasons for this absurdness.
1. the reason for my blog name is that i have a pet peeve about people using the phrase "up and at 'em" it's always annoyed me.
2. i know the only people who are going to read this are my family. but if this is what it takes to stay in touch, i'm in.
3. i'm not happy about this stupid blog.
4. but it was my idea.
5. that last line was trish's idea.
6. i actually do enjoy reading other people's blogs. liz... you complain a lot. but i love it.
7. i feel as though there isn't much male influence in this world of blogging. i might find out why soon.
8. although she's the funny one, trish tells me i'm funny too. i figure she's either lying or i should share my gift.
9. i've never journaled or wrote much. i always wondered what purpose it served.
10. i've got nothing. i set the bar pretty low.